For My Mother

My beautiful mother with her adoring grandchildren

I lost my mom to a tragic car accident in February and my world came to a halt. I was in shock and began operating in auto mode. Suddenly my life was consumed with everything that comes along with losing a loved one. There just wasn’t any room for anything else. Every phone call, text, or visit seemed to be about my mom and her accident. Needless to say, I put my camera down and began turning away clients. I needed to grieve…I needed to breathe. To be honest I didn’t think I would be able to pick up my camera ever again. How could I draw smiles and laughter out of my clients when I was feeling so much pain? I just didn’t think it would be possible.

In preparation for my mom’s memorial service, I went through hundreds of photographs and put them into a digital photo frame for her memory table. The peace and comfort from her photos brought on a moment of sudden realization of how truly important printed photographs are! I am so very lucky that my mom absolutely loved having her picture taken! While her memory lives on in our hearts and our minds, these photos are proof that she existed…proof that she lived! And boy did my mom live life to the fullest!

Which is what I know my mom would want for me. So for her, I will pick up my camera. For her, I will live life to the fullest! I love you mom!

In loving memory of Merna Padilla-King 02-10-19

“One of the most powerful things about photography is just witnessing sombody’s life.”

Amy Sacka
  1. Erin Hebeler says:

    I know your mom was special because of your love for her! You are amazing and it shows through your photography. You love life and family! I can’t wait to watch your blog grow

  2. Rose Jackson says:

    Cynthia, this is exactly what you mom would want. She is smiling from heaven. She was so proud of a woman, mom, a wife you become.
    Continue her legacy by living your life to the fullest. You do have her smile.

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