November 5, 2019

What Happens After Your Portrait Session | Port Orchard Photographer

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We had a ton of fun at your session and now you’re wondering what happens next. Well, this is where the magic happens! Sure we made magic during your session, but what happens when I take the images I captured and bring them home is a whole other story! 

Many people don’t realize that the actual session is just the beginning. After we part ways, the first thing I do is…buy COFFEE! 😂 I am always so excited about what I captured so I grab a quick “pick me up” because I know I will be up till midnight on your images!

After that, I go home and upload your photos to my computer. Then I go through and delete all the blurry images and ones with blinky eyes. Then I narrow down your gallery to the absolute best. My goal is 30-40 images, but if you’re familiar with my work, you know it’s so much more! 😂 

Now that I have chosen all the absolute best pictures, I will begin the editing process. This is where I apply my personal touch to your portraits and make it my art. To be technical, I adjust exposure, shadows, and contrasts. Then I fine tune your images by removing lint on clothing, stray hairs, and blemishes. 

Before and After in Adobe Lightroom.

After I feel your gallery is perfect, I upload your images to my website and create a personal online gallery for you and your family to view. From this gallery, you are able to favorite photos, share to social media, and purchase digitals and prints. You can expect your gallery in your email 1-2 weeks after your session date!

I hope you found this post helpful, if so, drop me a comment or subscribe to my blog! 


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  1. RoseAnn Anderson says:

    I appreciate the time and attention to detail you put into your craft. The love you pour into our session from capturing to editing is PRICELESS!!!
    And yes….you always give more than 30-40 photos and that’s always a nice surprise.
    Thank you AGAIN for giving us such BEAUTIFUL memories. 🤗❤️🤗

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