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“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” ~Psalm 30:5⁠

Let’s talk grief…⁠

Over the years I’ve had conversations with my children about how to deal with loss. Especially the loss of a parent. I talk to them about what I would want from them if something were to ever happen to me or their dad. I tell them we would want them to continue to live their best lives…to not allow grief to overcome them to the point of giving up. Of course grieve, but do not stay in the grief. Grieve for a time and then choose to live life. Little did I know that I would face following my own advice.⁠

I lost my mom in a tragic car accident on February 10, 2019. It’s been a year since she left this earth and there are still times it hits me in the gut so hard that she is gone.

Nothing can prepare us for losing a loved one, but what we do know is that we all will pass on one day, so it is up to us to live our best lives. To do our best even when we face tragedy. To never give up even when our hearts are broken. We owe it to our loved ones lost and most of all we owe it to ourselves.⁠

If you read this till the end and this resonates with you, would you please comment below, even if just to say “Amen”? Thanks for being here friend! 😘

  1. Susan Gehring says:

    Amen! Well said.

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