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Do you ever look back on a time in your life and realize that a situation positioned you to be where you are today?⁠


Just recently I was thinking back to when I began my photography business. I actually never planned on starting a business, I just mainly photographed my kids and them playing sports. Because I have so many friends and family around the world, I posted the photos on social media and people started to take notice.⁠

I was getting feedback from my friends and loved ones about how “great” my photography is and how the shots I was capturing were “unique” and different from most sports photographers. People referred to my work as “emotional” and “moving”.⁠

You see, I wasn’t just capturing the act of my kids playing sports, I was capturing the emotion of my kids from the wins AND the losses. The high fives and the hugs with their coaches. I was also capturing the looks of anticipation on the people’s faces in the crowd. The look of joy when their kid won a wrestling match or when the team scored a touchdown.⁠

When I look back on that time, I realize it prepared me for today. Believe it or not, it prepared me for photographing weddings! If you’ve ever photographed sports, you’d know there are a lot of moving parts and you’ve got to be ready for “the shot”! Well, the same goes for weddings!⁠

Just thinking about this, gives me a renewed sense of confidence and excitement for my new journey into wedding photography! I am so thankful and blessed!⁠

If you read this far, you are AMAZING! Thank you for being here friend! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever looked back and realized you are where you are today because of something in your past. I’d love to hear from you! ❤️

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